Nicki Kris Music

New single release - Heartbeat

I'm happy to share with you the release of Heartbeat, the follow-on single to last summer’s hit Captain America and the 2nd and title track off my upcoming album.

Co-written with my Producer, Kevin McNoldy, Heartbeat takes a very different approach, yet continues the story line introduced with Captain America around the continuous 24-hour-a-day turmoil surrounding our political landscape and the multiple harassment and sexual misconduct stories and how there is never an opportunity to come up for air before another international “embarrassment" occurs.

Despite its negative viewpoint, the song does have a hopeful message, as sung in the bridge: “I’ve got to fight through the fear, things are not how they appear, I’ve got the truth on my side. You are not winning the war, ‘cause I can take this and more, and I will make this right again.” So, although each day has us dealing with more bad news, lies, manipulations, and distortions, there will always be hope, and love will always win.

You'll also hear how my alternative obsession has started to make it's way into my songwriting and production, which really, was just a matter of time. I do have to admit that I was a little worried about this song. It's probably the most open I've been about my political views and frankly I wasn't sure how people would accept the style or genre. I guess only time will really tell, but for now, I can say this is me, this is who I am, and get ready for more!
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