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Heartbeat album reviewed in PS News!

Cool article posted by about my heartbeat album! Check it out HERE!

Music News December 2019

“Everything I Do, I Do For You” hits over 1 million streams on Soundcloud! WOW!!! Massive thanks to everyone that has been streaming this song!

More Reviews featuring mention of RISE
“On Peace Street” Album Review - Beach Sloth
“On Peace Street” Album Review - Entertainment Eyes
“On Peace Street” Album Review - Official Fame Magazine
“On Peace Street” Album Review - Dancing About Architecture

Music News November 2019

Re-issue of The Best Part Of Christmas Is You - It’s back and better than before! We put a new vocal on it and added more Christmas bling to this holiday original - Check out the new version HERE.

Rise makes waves as part of the 19 Track Collaboration Album - “On Peace Street” by BWH Music Group. Full album press release can be viewed HERE. “On Peace Street” has also been entered into the 2019 IMA Awards!

Rise song review on Indie Spoonful
“On Peace Street” album review - Skope Magazine 
Nicki Kris interview on Please Pass The Indie

Heartbeat review by SoundWaveOne

There is a new review of Heartbeat by Steven F. Adams on SoundWaveOne reviews!

Jamsphere review of Heartbeat album!

Totally blown away by this review of my new album, Heartbeat, on Jamsphere! Thank you so much!!! Read More…

Jamsphere Independent Music Magazine review of ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’

Nicki Kris: ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’ – a suggestive and voluptuous soundscape!

…”Nicki’s uniquely lovely voice has almost always been unbelievably moving; her very subtle inflections, powerful and intricate lyrics, emotionally precise delivery, adding fuel to the artistic fire. Now with ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’, the musical arrangement is more colorful and complexly layered, a sumptuous vocal melody abounds, while Nicki’s – both earthy yet angelic voice – and the understated synth strings give this track an almost unbearable poignancy. The suggestive and voluptuous soundscape of ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’, serves not only to highlight Nicki Kris’ truly gifted songwriting and lyricism but stands as a showcase for the full expression and emotion this singer is capable of. ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’, given more than the cursory two plays, will begin to reveal a subtle and understated beauty and elegance rarely found in a music industry intent on mass marketing, radio play singles and lyrics you pick up on first listen. Nicki’s turn into more introspective electronic music on this single, suits her well. The haunting beauty of the track evokes something familiar. Hearing ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’ is like discovering a secret that was first whispered to you long ago. You can tell Nicki Kris and (producer / co-writer) Kevin McNoldy invested a great deal of effort, emotion, energy, and feeling into this song.” Read More…

Rockbandom Magazine review

A fantastic review of Nicki Kris’ latest singles by Rockbandom Magazine: “Superb singer/songwriter and multi talented. Influenced by a broad range of mixed genres she has the voice of an angel and she sounds like some of the great classic singers such as Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, Pat Benatar etc, and accompanied by the modern music sounds of today really makes her stand out. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is just fantastic. I am really into Nicki I believe with such talent she's going places.” Read More…
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