Nicki Kris Music

February 2019 was a big month!

Nicki Kris 61st Grammy Awards

Besides releasing my album I also was able to attend the 61st GRAMMY® Awards the same week!  I know, I'm NUTS! I was very excited to have been able to go back to Microsoft Theater and the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, CA for the Awards Premier Ceremony and Live Telecast!  OMG was it COLD!!  Yes in the BRRRRR sense!  Who would have thought?
It was a great day and I had the honor of watching several dear friends win consecutive, multiple, and their first GRAMMY® awards at this year's event, so it was even more CRAZY!!  Oh and I seriously must have been hiding under a rock somewhere to not have been listening to Brandi Carlile all this time!  HOLY WOW! She is AWESOME!  Did any of your favorite's win?
You can check out some of my photo's from the event and my time in Los Angeles on my Instagram and Facebook pages.
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