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Nicki Kris - Is This Love

Nicki Kris Is This Love
Is This Love - The award-winning single from Nicki Kris features the brilliant instrumentalist Kitt Wakeley along with Nicki’s long time collaborator, producer Kevin McNoldy. St. Christopher’s Journey, off of Kitt’s Symphony Of Rock album serves as the main melody for the power pop love ballad which features a lyrically emotive top-line written by Nicki.

Released October 13, 2020

Song Credits:

Written by Nicki Kris, Kitt Wakeley, and Kevin McNoldy.

Produced, engineered, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Kevin McNoldy.

Co-produced and co-arranged by Nicki Kris.

Piano performance by Kitt Wakeley, choir performance and all vocals by Nicki Kris, all other instrument performances by Kevin McNoldy.

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