You’ve Got A Hold On Me

Nicki Kris You’ve Got A Hold On Me (single)

You’ve Got A Hold on Me is an aerial pop / electronic alternative ballad composed by Nicki Kris and producer / songwriter, Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews, Parachute, and more). The song, born out of Nicki’s affection for the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, takes a unique approach by assuming the voice inside the head of the male lead character, Christian Grey. Nicki has a habit of falling into writing spells when she’s in the middle of a book series and in this case, she found herself taking the listener on a journey into Christian’s mind and his unexpressed romantic feelings for his beloved Ana. After taking the song to Kevin and explaining the context of the lyrics, he was able to capture the “voice inside” scenario heard with the backing vocals, almost as if Christian is talking to Ana.

“Brilliant new track by the Carolina Charmer that is at once haunting, mysterious yet approachable .... catchy music with intelligent lyric and sound that makes you want to know the girl!” - David Bowers, Host: 'The David Bowers Awards' on BlogTalkRadio

“Nicki Kris returns with another sensual magical gem. ' You've Got a Hold on Me ' has got a hold on me!” - Paul Avgerinos, GRAMMY® Nominated Artist & Producer

Nicki’s comments: Diving head first in a new musical direction for this single, it’s clear that the visionary approach of my producer and friend, Kevin McNoldy, has hit the mark as I feel at ease with his arrangement, melodious perfections, and imaginative engineering. Collaborating with Kevin was simple, efficient, yet inspiring on whole new level as my songwriting and performance confidence skyrocketed with his assurances and input. While I’ve enjoyed exploring various musical stylings over the past few years, the magnetic pull from numerous sources towards the realm of pop songwriting and singing is too great to deny. I’m extremely excited to to see how we can continue to hone and facilitate my passion for alternative music (Thirty Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Green Day), sincere songwriting (Skylar Grey, Adele), as well as exploit my unique tonal qualities to their fullest potential.

As always many thanks to my friends, family, and fans for your support!

You’ve Got A Hold On Me
Songwriters: Nicki Kris & Kevin McNoldy
Vocals: Nicki Kris
Instruments: Kevin McNoldy
Producer, Mixing, Mastering: Kevin McNoldy, Cphonic Mastering, Raleigh, NC

© 2015 Nicki Kris Music, LLC (BMI)

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