Picture Yourself

Nicki Kris Picture Yourself (single)

The original song, Picture Yourself, by pop artist Nicki Kris, is featured during the closing credits of the award-winning independent film Mother by ASD Media & Entertainment.

“As the director/writer of Mother, I listened to many songs submitted by songwriters for our film. The moment I heard PICTURE YOURSELF, I knew that was the one. The mood and the lyrics not only matched our film, but also lifted it up to another level. Nicki Kris is such a great talent!” - Gregory Allen, ASD Media & Entertainment

Nicki’s comments: Gregory Allen and his team have been a pure pleasure to work with. I'm honored and proud to have a part in this film and look forward to many great things for the ASD Media family as a result of it's production. My sincere thanks to Gregory, the actors and their families, as well as Angie McWhirter who performs the song in the film, for including me in this journey.

Due to it’s connection to the film, it was very important to me that Picture Yourself be produced in a manner that would capture the essence of the film and the message of the lyrics. I decided that I needed to work with a more seasoned producer than myself so I gave Kevin McNoldy a call. Having worked with Kevin on my last EP from a mastering perspective, I felt very comfortable with him and his capabilities so it just made sense to have him drive the project from the beginning. I’m thrilled with the result and it has been a fantastic collaborative experience!

As always many thanks to all my friends, family, and fans for your continued support.

Picture Yourself
Songwriter: Nicki Kris
Vocals: Nicki Kris
Instruments: Kevin McNoldy
Producer, Mixing, Mastering: Kevin McNoldy, Cphonic Mastering, Raleigh, NC

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