Falling To Pieces

Nicki Kris Falling To Pieces (single)

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, my music producer (Kevin McNoldy) contacted me about an idea I had originally penned as an anthemic relationship song, and asked me to rewrite the lyrics in response to the tragic event at Pulse. He was struggling to articulate his sadness and anger—and as a mother of two young children, how could I explain to them why someone would do this? We poured our broken hearts into the song, transforming it into a tribute to those who lost their lives, but also a message of strength against such attacks. Our struggle to express our sadness at such horror was easier to explain through music, because that’s what songwriters and musicians do—we use words and music to tell a story, convey a message, share grief, empower, give hope, and drive change.

Falling To Pieces is a message of mourning for the victims and their families, but it also serves as a warning to the shooter that this won’t break us, tear us down, or make us “fall to pieces.” We cannot let fear keep us from accepting everyone for who they are regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Ultimately, this vicious act only serves to embolden us to fight against violence and hate in the world.

To help be a catalyst for change, all proceeds from the iTunes sales of Falling To Pieces were donated to the OneOrlando Fund. This Fund provided much needed support to the victims of the Pulse tragedy and their families. Their quote, “This tragedy will not define us, but will bring us closer together” perfectly underscores what Falling To Pieces means to me. My hope is for this song to drive you to express your anger and grief through being a catalyst for change in your own way. Sadly, since I began writing the song to the point of its release, across the world there have been more mass shootings and violence—so change is desperately needed now. Please stand together and donate to those in need, because only by acting as one can we make a difference.

"A great message for a greater cause and so needed for this time of healing” - Dave Davis, Independent Share Radio

"Nicki Kris continues to grow and add subtle textures to her music. This latest track, ‘Falling to Pieces’ combines her inimitable style and emotional intensity with a subtle anthemic touch that will grab you more with each listen. Introspective yet it reaches out to you. #itunes sales benefit #oneorlandofund Grab a copy and give it a few plays …. you’ll be telling your friends.” - David Bowers, host of "The David Bowers Awards" online at BlogTalkRadio

"Falling to Pieces", the new release by Nicki Kris, is more than a melodious ballad turned anthem, it's a call to action to be better than who we are today, to love, not hate. The lyrics capture the emotional state that accompanies crimes of hate, included the initial disorientation one feels, and a perseverance to reconcile with mankind to be resilient. The charged tone of her vocals indicts the emotional crisis and all its overwhelming reality. This song captures the current communal cry of our society. I will certainly air this song on my net radio station with a sense of solidarity and as a reminder to all, myself included, that we can all be better at loving one another. "Falling to Pieces" speaks to the heart directly with its soulful vocalization and a hook that reminds us that we, acting in love, are stronger than hate. Storm the Stage Rating: A++ - Deborah Bierach - Owner Storm the Stage Net Radio and Music Publishing

Nicki’s comments: It’s very hard for me to articulate what I want to say about Falling to Pieces, and I’m going to try hard not to preach or get political. While the original lyrical content may have been geared towards a failing relationship, I’m actually glad Kevin asked me to rewrite the lyrics into what the song has now transformed into as it has much more purpose and meaning, rather than just another “love” song. The emotion in the performance is real. You have no idea how hard it was for me to actually keep the tears back and perform this song. Frankly, performing it live will be even more difficult because of how much I believe in the lyrics and the message which is intended to transcend globally.

We may look different on the outside, we may love someone of the same sex, we may be of different sexes, have different views on religion, eye color, hair color, whatever but you know what… we all bleed red. OK, cliche but one small act of kindness goes a long way, it’s really not that hard. I believe we need more songs that make us think, that empower, that spread love over hate, than we need another song about a failing relationship, so Falling to Pieces is my way of saying get up off your butt and be the change!

Falling To Pieces
Songwriters: Nicki Kris & Kevin McNoldy
Vocals: Nicki Kris
Instruments: Kevin McNoldy
Producer, Mixing, Mastering: Kevin McNoldy, Cphonic Mastering, Raleigh, NC

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