Captain America

Nicki Kris Captain America (single)

Captain America, released in June 2017, is the first single off Nicki’s forthcoming album Heartbeat.

Captain America is an anthemic pop/rock song that asks each of us to find our inner superhero. We are all, or can be, “Captain America” in our daily lives. We can be kind, we can be courageous, we can be inclusive, we can aid the weak, help those less fortunate, we can be tolerant, we can accept, we can fight for equality, we can denounce hate, we can help one another, we can support human rights, we can forgive, and most importantly we can love.

When asked why a song about “Captain America” here’s what Nicki said: “I specifically targeted the Captain America character for a couple of reasons. First, to keep things real, I'm a really big fan of the Marvel films and Captain America happens to be one of my favorites, so I figured why not write a song about him.

Second, another keeping it real statement, I'm very active on Twitter and yes I follow numerous celebrities, including Chris Evans, the actor that plays Captain America in the Marvel films. After reading some of his tweets and thinking about what was going on in our country and around the world at the time I wanted more than ever to write a song that would encourage the spirit of the Patriotic Super Soldier in all of us to step up, stand up, and peacefully fight for all human rights regardless of any differences between us.

Finally, I chose Captain America because our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and built this country on the foundation that all men and women are created equal and we all have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Captain America character emits strength, perseverance, truth, kindness, and as I mentioned is a true Patriotic Super Soldier to all, which embodies the sentiment of our founding fathers, and the whole concept just fell together.”

Captain America has amassed more than 850,000 streams on SoundCloud, was a contender on the first round ballot for the 60th Grammy awards in multiple categories and was reviewed as one of Nicki’s best songs to date.

One voice may not be heard, but millions together will not be silenced.

Captain America
Songwriters: Nicki Kris & Kevin McNoldy
Vocals: Nicki Kris
Instruments: Kevin McNoldy
Producer, Mixing, Mastering: Kevin McNoldy, Cphonic Mastering, Raleigh, NC

© 2017 Nicki Kris Music, LLC (BMI)

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